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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  October 28, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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series game in detroit. whee the giants may s time to break out the brooms. all eyes on the world series game in detroit where the giants may sweep the tigers. and we will have the latest on the franken storm threatening the eastern sea. >> the fight offer governor brown's tax hike measure. enter conversation on california's budget crunch. thank you for joining us. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we have a sit down as you saw with governor jerry brown. we will talk to him about the state's finances and the push to hike the sales tax and income tax.
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>> there was a huge earthquake off the coast of canada. we will look the tsunami advisories but our happiest story of the day, the giants on the bripg of glory right now. this is the newspaper this morning and tonight is going to be the pivotal game that could give them the world series championships. we have a lot to talk about coming up. but first -- >> all right, hurricane sandy moving up the eastern seaboard with the storm's outer bands lashing the barrier islands off north carolina. >> right now the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, i halting a halt to all public transit in new york city at 7:00 tonight. it could affect 50 million people. suetion mcginnis has the latest from the coast of delaware. good morning, susan. reporter: good morning. there is no doubt this storm is coming closer. here on the beach of delaware, the waves are getting larger and stronger and crashing closer to shore. we have the winds intensifying and is it raining at times.
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it is clear that sandy is on her way. north carolina is getting a taste of hurricane sandy's fury morning. there is driving rain and high surf, but officials are not expecting major damage. >> track has improved in our favor. reporter: bull dozers and residents are piling up the sand along the jersey shore. millions are bracing for hurricane sandy, a massive storm that is taking aim at the most densely populated region of the u.s. >> the first time a hurricane has been at our doorstep. >> sandy is still offshore heading north. forecasters believe it will turn toward land and possibly merge with a wintry storm system from the west. >> we should not underestimate the impact of this storm or assume the predictions will be wrong. >> people in sandy's path are heeding the warnings. businesses are boarding up. residents are stocking up and many are seeking higher ground. >> i'm hoping i have a house
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when i come back. >> delaware has issued a mandatory evacuation order of coastal communities for 8:00 p.m. tonight. residents and tourists here are being urged not to wait until the last minute. wind gusts could hit 60 miles per hour. >> we hear it's supposed to be pretty windy, rainy. >> forecasters expect sandy's storm surge and torrential rain to cause major flooding in coastal areas and also farther inland. power outages are another big concern. utility crews from western areas are heading east to help out. sandy could knock out power for millions before it's over. now the arrival of this storm on the east coast is coinciding with a full moon. for that will make worst tidal activity stronger tidal activity on higher tide than even a full moon normally brings. >> the sense of urgency and preparedness, how does it feel on the ground there?
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>> yeah, there certainly is a big change from a day ago. folks here have an emergency mandatory evacuation announcement last night at 8:00. it's in effect until tonight at 8:00. they are boarding up their homes. business owners are boarding up their businesses here on the shore and they are packing up and heading out of town. >> be safe yourself. thank you. let's turn now to brian. i know you been keeping your eye on hurricane sandy. how are things looking now. >> it's all going according to plan. we have what is now hurricane sandy. by tomorrow it will be a post tratropical storm because it will transition from being a hurricane to a winter-type system which is just weird. as you heard by now as this continues to track parallel to the eastern seaboard, the winds are minimal hurricane strength. as it get sucked in over the atlantic northeast, it will then suddenly cease drawing energy from the ocean and begin picking it up from a wintry-type
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source. it's going to basically met more foe, from one kind of storm to another. when it does it will havoc over the eastern seaboard. hurricane force winds over the sea -- the eastern seaboard. we will talk about the fact that this thing is powering on shore and six to 12 inches of rain likely 40 to 70-mile-per-hour gusts and beach erosion because we are near lunar high tide. we will follow it throughout the course of the show and our own forecast in a few minutes. on the west coast a massive earthquake off the coast of western canada sent a tsunami warnings from alaska down to hawaii. >> it was a 7.7 quake. the largest to hit the british columbia region in more than 60 years. that quake struck the queen charlotte island at 8:00 last night and shaking was felt more than 500 miles away in vancouver. no reports of any major damage at this point. but several after shocks have
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already followed. >> those are the tsunami sirens that went off in hawaii following that quake. the first of the waves did hit maui roughly three hours after the evacuation orders were given. those waves were over five feet high. the tsunami warnings in hawaii were downgraded down to an advisory around 4:00 this morning. small tsunami waves were also reported in alaska. well, it's just one game away now, at least that's how we like no think of it here. giants use brilliant pitching to take game three. they pulled a 2-0 shutout over the tigers giving the giants the sixth straight playoff win. coming up, dennis o'donnell explains what makes this win so special and the giants great run, how it's drawing out fans from halfway around the world. >> i was wondering if in san francisco california and now i work in afghanistan. i flew to bagram and then to
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kandahar and then to due buy to washington, d.c. then d.c. to detroit. with a small helicopter thrown in. that was priia butler and she works for the united service organization in afghanistan. they bring tall tonight entertain the troops. game three in the bag and game four tonight at 5:00. right now they are segment up a huge jumbotron at the civic center in front of city hall. you want to come there to watch game four on the huge outdoor screen. they announced that screen is going to broadcast the action live in the plaza. is that again of city hall. they are setting it up right now. thousands of people are expected to gather. they say it will be an alcohol-free event. you know how that goes. >> it usually works down there very family friend. ly last time they had it out there it was for the world cup soccer as well. it really works. for ongoing coverage. the giants, go to >> only nine days to go until
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the election and the presidential candidates hit the battle ground states this weekend. president obama was in new hampshire and has only four electoral votes but with a close race those votes could make a difference. mitt romney was in florida which began early voting this weekend. he held rallies in three florida cities telling supporters it's time for a change. >> so that on -- >> supporters of the -- they do four more years, four more years. i like ten more days. i feel better. >> ten days and you will be stepping into a voting booth and making a defining choice about the future of our country. >> and today again is it nine days. we have hurricane sandy heading toward the east coast as we have been talking about both campaigns have been forced to change the travel schedule. romney scrapped a trip to virginia set for today. he will head to ohio. the president planned to head to florida tomorrow but he pushed his trip to tonight to beat the storm. and face the nation will be taking a look at this final
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stretch before election day. bob schieffer chats with republican senator john mccain and chicago mayor rom emanuel today. big question, what do both candidates need to do to win this race for the white house? and that's on face the nation at 8:30 a.m. here on cbs 5. coming up, why schools are always on the chopping block when it comes to the state budget. anales from governor -- ans from the governor. day of answers ahead. what bay area volunteers at this phone bank are encouraging voters to do. >> and we will meet a man who believes changing a mind set can change the future. hear how he changed his own course in life and doing the same for other young people. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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through sunday, get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ whether to approve a tax an election day little over a week away, californians will decide whether or not to approve a tax increase favored by governor brown. the governor has been traveling across the state to fight for
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passage of proposition 30 and this weekend volunteers are working phone banks but recent polls show only 46% support prop 30. would raise income taxes on the wealthy and hike the state sale's tax by a quarter of a percent. >> proposition 30 does not pass it will have a devastating effect on education in california. >> if prop 30 fails, school and colleges would face $6 billion in cuts. the trigger cuts as governor brown is calling them. small business action committee is pushing hard to defeat the msh measure saying higher taxes will drive away jobs. >> for more, we sat down with governor jerry brown at kcbs myself and our first question is, okay, look, this isn't the first time that voters in california have been asked to bail out the state budget. why isn't it fixed and why should they go for this? >> the last ten yards to go over the goal line is this money for
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schools. it's an either/or. on or off. either money in to schools or money out of schools. i wish it didn't have to be this way. but at the end of the day i hope people know that 99% of the people will not pay this income tax. it's only 1% and what people will pay is a penny when they get a $400 cappucino or a sandwich. a penny. if you buy $8 purchase, it's two pennies. our schools are at risk. we have been cutting classes. we are raising tuition. we have been shortening the school year. i'm telling you, as sincere as i can be, this is important. please think about it before you vote on election day. >> you said earlier this week you think a lot of nonsupporters because people don't know what it is. explain what prop 30 is? >> proposition 30 is very simple. it's the last piece of my budget solution. i inherited a one helluva mess
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in sacramento. $27 billion deficit. we slashed and now we are down to the last few billion. that's 6 to 8 billion. we have to cut more and only place is the schools or university or revenue. i'm asking for revenue. most of it is from the top 1% because it's the income tax for married couple that are the predominant source of income. don't pay a penny until they earn over half a million and they pay 1% and then they get up to three-quarters of a million then whatever they earn more they pay on that only. 2% and if they get to a million we were talking not a million saved over a lifetime, a million earned in 12 months, then over that amount when they earn more getting into 2 million they pay 3%. i think it's fair. the rest of us will pay a quarter cent on the sales tax. doesn't apply to food and contrary to the no on 30, it does not apply to gasoline. that's one of their false ads.
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it's arithmetic. end of the schools for those who are fabulously wealthy or money out of the schools. i can't make it simpler. >> why would we come with taxes it's either this or the schools closed. why didn't they cut 10% across the board on state government? why didn't everybody get hit. why is it always education. >> as a matter of fact, we have reduced 40,000 people from state prison without one republican vote. in fact one of the assemblyman said blood will run the streets. add another 10,000 inmates in a neighborhood close to yours? i don't want to go farther than -- further that. the blind and disabled are getting a lower state pension than they were in the 80s. we got rid of redevelopment. things that were important because we couldn't afford it. >> what comes after this? >> what comes after this is we pay down the debts that were incurred by previous governors. we owe the schools $9 billion. we borrowed from them.
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we owe the recycling fund. we owe local government. we owe 6 billion to the recovery bond. as we pay those off that will lower our spending and as the tax comes off in seven years the income tax, we should be with any kind of recovery on a glide path that we will have a balanced budget. to do that, i will have to be doctor no. it's not a pleasant task. i didn't know i fully realized i have to be the guy that says no. that's the vocation i chosen and i will exercise the fiscal discipline to keep this state on track. >> by the way, the governor said that if the tax doesn't pass, those trilogiers are going into effect even though there is a brief window to change that. >> opponents say he is bluffing. they will end up back in sacramento if prop 30 doesn't pass and come up with something to not have those cuts go into effect. they are huge these cuts. we are talking about billions. >> therein lies the rub and the
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question of a few percent which which this vote will go. you can hear our complete interview with governor jerry brown that starts at 8:30 on kcbs radio. that's news talk 740. and f.m. 106.9. the weather around here, gorgeous day yesterday. brian, do we expect a change today? >> glad you approved. you liked yesterday you will love today. we have some nice start to the day with mostly sunny skies around the bay area. we have fog across the golden gate and low clouds near the shoreline. otherwise things seem good with temperatures in the early going mostly in the 50s in the bay area. 50 degrees in santa rosa. 58 for san jose. at the airport 56 degrees and sunshine all over the place except for detroit. we have cloudy. 45 degrees at game time tonight. see how that goesle. satellite rr showing a system that is unwinding over the pacific northwest. low pressure offshore from oregon and high pressure that's off our coast line is going to combine to provide a pretty
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nice day for the bay area. going to be sunny and warm inland with temperatures near 80 degrees around livermore today. out the door we will start with patchy fog near the shoreline. it's coming through the golden gate bridge and visibilities near 100 yards mid-span. elsewhere sunny around the bay and inland and numbers mostly in the 50s to start things out with. on the future cast. we will get more low clouds along the shoreline today than we had yesterday. that will result in a little more cooling along the coast. and then look at the low clouds pack in along the shoreline. tomorrow will be more cloudy than it was today. but let's enjoy today. monday sunny and mild for the airport at sfo by the afternoon. 72 at sfo and west coast looks okay. i don't know if you heard about that storm on the east coast. they are going to get rain and stuff like that up in new york. pinpoint forecast we will look for numbers in the 70s for the most part in the bay area. fairfield 81 degrees. 83 at livermore.
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we will look for rain on halloween. sad but true. and thursday we have a little bit of rain around the bay area. by the weekend, next weekend things look like back to sunny but expect rain midweek. we will have more in a few minutes. we grew up with obstacles that could have left them in trouble on the streets but this week's jefferson award winner beat the odds. here is our reporter. you knew you wanted to make a change. >> as college freshmen, 22-year-old patrick hayes struggled for his future plans. >> you have to go out there and get it for yourself. and just go get it and i was like-- he was like, you to have the eye of the tiger. >> michael parker founded the life skills 411 in sao paulo. >> i want people to feel the joy that i felt when i discovered i could actually be different than the role that i was on. >> i need you to grasp this. >> from this class on managing
7:50 am
emotions to training and mentorship programs, life skills 411 introduced students to the corporate world. teens through young adults who learn about finance, health, technology and careers can beat the odds like michael. >> when in their own mind they created and played out their future and only see that future in one way, then they have been robbed. >> michael founded life skills sick years ago after reflecting on his own success. he been hand picked by toyota's president to leap on to the fast track of management but didn't start out that way. he was child with an uncertain future. >> i remember being at home in richmond in fear of my safety when and how my mom was going to get over certain struggles she was having, abusive relationship and being behind my education. >> he credits his godparents for showing him he could create a better life. >> that was the beginning of an open door that a different michael e. park core emerge. >> michael graduated from college and eventually became
7:51 am
an entrepreneur and now through his nonprofit he is sharing the 411 of his success with students like patrick who is now a life skills mentor and marketing employee. and 21-year-old who is an auditor at kpmg accounting. >> as a result of life skills i'm more 2ker78ed -- determined to achieve success and determined to help others achieve success. >> first is your instinct. >> life skills executive director terry fulton says michael has been mentoring students since they became friends at teenagers. >> it's just amazing the connection that he makes with people. that's his greatest asset. >> michael says he simply wants to inspire kids to reach their potential. >> now they have a chance to actually be something great. if i could do that as many times as i can in my life, i think i will be a happy person. >> so for equipping thousands of east bay young people with life skills to grow successful careers, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to
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michael parker. cbs 5. and you will find a link to life skills 411 online at we will be back with giants highlights next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, they took it last night. game three, they are just one
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game away from becoming world champions. obviously we are talking about the giants. >> and as fans, we couldn't ask for anything more. i gotta wonder if that seventh one could be the ultimate drama. the giants had a great post season run. and dennis o'donnell has more in sports. reporter: thank you. good morning, everybody. not since 1966, had a world series team thrown back-to-back shutouts as giants did it last night. ran into some trouble in the first inning. two on and one out, prince fielder at the plate. got prince to rollover. scutaro, crawford, double play and the giants got out of that inning unscathed. scoreless in the second inning. puns on third base -- pence was on third base and got him in. the run scores and blanco on third with an rbi triple and the giants up 2-0. tigers had their shot. bases loaded but got clinton
7:56 am
berry and miguel cabrera, popped it up. crawfer puts it away to end the threat. a scoreless baseball. that's tim lincecum coming in. one of his three strikeouts in two 1/3 innings. unhittable now. sergio romo to close it out. and the giants take game three 2-0 is the final and the starters, they have been nearly flawless in the fall classic. they have a 0.09 earned run average and go with 14 strikeouts. matt cain on the hill and will oppose for the detroit tigers. and as we go back to you it's going to be a busy day because we have the raiders and chiefs on cbs 5 at 1:00. followed by the fifth quarter and then game day to wrap up a possible giants world series tonight at 11:30 on cbs 5. have a great day. now back to you. with a line up like that it's going to be. meantime, california
7:57 am
political veteran is up for re-election in our next half hour. we will have a conversation with senator diane feinstein. >> and republican challenger is trying to go viral. her goal from this youtube post. interesting little combo. we will be right back with it. ,,,,,,,
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people that come here can see all of the varieties of doors and granite and all of the floors and back splashes. >> i said complete kitchen remodeling because you want someone to take care of everything. >> we take care of the whole project whether it's electrical or plumbing, gas lines, texture, paint. of course the cabinets and counters. >> so your cabinets, you have all of these different designs. it's nice to see them in these different kitchens that you have here. >> we try to find what's most popular thing that everybody will want and then really load up. it's ready to go. no waiting time. >> so the cool thing about this is you can get your brand-new kitchen done, complete, everything in place in less than three weeks. >> and beauty is at the highest level. we were diamond certified company and what we are known for is the highest quality materials and in the best customer satisfaction. >> nice thing when you get the cabinets done and counter tops,
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flooring, back splash. what's exciting for me are the appliances. >> we have something for everybody. it works out great so they can get the top name brands for less. it's a lot of fun to have truly one place to do everything. >> you will find what you are looking for at kitchen experts of california. just a reminder, it is a free design consultation. one of your designers can come to your home so you want to call at 1-800-515-3155. >> and kitchen experts of >> nice job in here. >> thank yous for coming. ,, detroit territory. how far some giants fans traveled for the s. fans of a different stripe in detroit territory. how far some giants fans have
8:00 am
traveled for the world series game. >> and in the bay area, we have on the eastern seaboard, there is sandy. let's get an update from phil and ann. >> the tone has been highly partisan. and unnecessarily so. >> we were looking back at four decades of public service by diane feinstein. her accomplishments and what may be one of her biggest regrets while in office. >> welcome back to eyewitness news. the time is 8:00. october 28. good morning. i'm phil matier. >> and if you haven't heard the giants are up for a possible world series title today. game at 5:00. >> and we sat down with san francisco's mayor ed lee and talk about the economics of sports events like the world series and how important they are to the bay area. he has an interesting take on the values of it outside of the
8:01 am
ballpark. >> there is also a big earthquake off the coast of canada overnight. there was some tsunami advisories. we will be talking about that. first -- >> right now hurricane sandy is moving north on the east coast just off the atlantic coast of the u.s. >> and it is expected to turn toward land and merge with a wintry storm system from the west. a hybrid storm will be created bringing heavy rain and powerful winds affecting millions of people. >> this morning governor mario cuomo of new york is ordering a halt to public transit in new york city starting tonight. other governors are also showing concern. >> we should not underestimate the power of this storm. we should not assume the predictions will be wrong. >> people in sandy's path are trying to heed those warnings. businesses are boarding up. a lot of people who live there are seeking higher ground as they have been told. the state of delaware has put out a mandatory evacuation order for coastal communities starting tonight. widespread power outages are likely.
8:02 am
brian has been keeping his eye on hurricane sandy how is it looking now? >> it's still tracking up the eastern seaboard. it will kick in tomorrow or tuesday morning. in the mean time hurricane course winds that will approach 75 miles per hour will overspread parts of the atlantic seaboard before it moves on shore. timing with this is not good coming as it does near full moon as a result the tides are up. that increases probability of a big surge. rains will be extreenlly heave ewith this ranging from 3 to a foot, three inches to 12 inches. power outages, 40 to 70-mile-per-hour gusts and as we say beach erosion will be a big problem and it's going to really set not ernest tomorrow morning. we will have all of the details with that as well as our own forecast which looks pleasant. first, there is other geophysical moves and for that let's go to phil. >> a massive earthquake off the coast of western canada. it sent tsunami warnings from alaska to hawaii. >> the largest to hit the british columbia region in more than 60 years. here is a map of that.
8:03 am
the quake struck the queen charlotte islands at around 8:00 last night and shaking was felt 500 miles away in vancouver. no report of any major damage at this point. several after shocks have already followed. >> that is the sound of tsunami warning sirens in hawaii following that quake. the first of the wave did hit maui roughly three hours after the evacuation orders were given. they were a little over five feet high. no damages were reported. the tsunami warnings in hawaii were downgraded to an advisory around 4:00 this morning. small tsunami waves were also reported in alaska. well, back when he was terminator before he was the govern-nator he promised he would come back and now arnold swarzennegger is coming back but 24 time reprising his role the 1980s as conan the barbarian. for an upcoming sequel called
8:04 am
the legend of conan. schwarzenegger says he loved that character and honored to be playing him again. this is the latest movie he is starring in after leaving the governor's office in 2011. and new fallout from lance armstrong's doping scandal a company that once paid armstrong millions of dollars for winning the tour-de-france is demanding he return the prize money. dallas based sca promotions is reportedly asking armstrong to pay back up to $12 million after a seven tour-de-france titles revoked. u.s. anti-doping agency stripped him of his titles two weeks ago following a report showing that he had used performance enhancing drugs. and in outer space, space x is dragon capsule left the international space station for the earth, about 6:30 this morning. the commercial spacecraft arrived at the station with supplies or earlier -- >> the first of the two -- >> this is the space station's
8:05 am
first of 12 such cargo missions under a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. the dragon is expected to splash down on the pacific ocean. 250 miles west of baja, california. shortly after noon. arnold swarzennegger's movie, are you going to see it? cot in remix? >> i'm waiting right now. i just can't wait. >> i'm over him after that whole cheating with the maid scandal. honestly. on to happier news. >> one game away right nows in the giants showing brilliant pitching again last night to take game three. they pulled a 2-0 shutout over the tigers to give them their sixth great playoff and -- and it's not just the players who are celebrating the win in detroit. cbs 5 reporter is there with a small contingent of fans who showed up in the motor city. giants! >> this was a win for the
8:06 am
giants and a giant win. >> i'm -- take care of this tomorrow night and get it over with and go home to san francisco and party. >> it's sweep. easy sweep. >> they lost. they lost. it was embarrassing. >> not the kind of baseball weather fans are used to but a 3-0 winning game keeps them warm. not that the fans made themselves a at home anyway. in a sea of blue and orange. >> tigers. >> a stripe of a different color. orange and black. >> where am i? i feel like i'm at second and king. >> woodward and adams. detroit, michigan. >> you came? >> we drove from minneapolis last night. >> i came from texas. >> minneapolis. >> detroit. >> all part of giant nation on tour. >> so far the orange and blue aren't turning the orn and black -- orange and black black and blue. every person has been real friendly booing me but friendly. >> giant nation making its
8:07 am
presence known. and winner of the giant fan who has come the farthest. >> born and raised in san francisco, california, and now i work in afghanistan. >> is pria who works with the uso. >> i flew up in bagram to kandahar and then kandahar to due buy, then to washington, d.c., then d.c. to detroit with a small helicopter thrown in. >> i wonder -- i want her frequent flier miles. so the big question, will there be a world series sweep by the giants? we will find out game four tonight at 5:00. remember, is for all things giants. world series shining a bright light on san francisco. >> now the city is looking at plans to showcase the golden state warriors. building a arena here. we will sit down with mayor ed lee and talk about his hopes for raising the city's athletic profile even more. first up, virtual debate on
8:08 am
youtube and its connection to the u.s. race for senate in california. ,, when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. ,, proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
8:09 am
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8:11 am
11 minutes after 8:00. it is going to be a lovely day for anyone going to watch the giants game on the huge jumbotron. >> or the raiders game. >> it's in front of city hall. it will be a party for thousands of people and sun will be shining on them. >> it's going to be nice. i almost love the oakland raiders disclaimer. wait a minute, let's not forget the raiders. >> absolutely. >> airing here on cbs 5. >> absolutely. and is that going to be a beautiful day as we have summarized. temperatures yesterday were nice and warm today. we will cool it off by the shoreline as we get low clouds. still sunday we will live up to its name. 52 at concord. livermore 51. san jose 57 and santa rosa now 50 degrees with the sky is blue as the swimmers lips out there except along the shoreline where we have some clouds. game four sunday tonight 45
8:12 am
degrees in detroit. and for the bay area, the inland temperatures near 80 degrees dry weather through tuesday and then rain returns for the bay area by wednesday. satellite and radar is showing us the low pressure is off the pacific northwest is going to spend a few high clouds over washington and oregon. for us high and dry for the next 72 hours and then we finally begin to increase clouds and just dead on cue for halloween we look like a chance of rain for the bay area. in the mean time we get sunshine and the numbers will reflect a pretty nice day today. out the door this morning about an hour from now the numbers will be in the mid-50s, mid- to upper 50s for the bay. still on the chilly side inland. but those will recover big time today. future cast low clouds along the shoreline. move back in tonight so we get more low clouds tonight than we had last night. and as a result everybody will cool off a little bit on monday. for today, looks nice. down in the south bay, 70s for the most part. 79 for san jose.
8:13 am
80 for brentwood and 83 in livermore and 81 in fairfield. north bay just beautiful. extended forecast rain moves into the bay area wednesday and thursday. just in time for next weekend we get more sunshine. that's look ahead. what's the latest from you guys? >> u.s. senator diane feinstein is up for re-election next month. and her republican challenger is elizabeth. the candidate has turned to youtube and her goal is to force feinstein to agree to a debate. she uses camera tricks to make it look like both ladies are sitting down together and she does all the talking and what she hopes to be a viral video. >> well, the california democrat is the state's -- i mean, she has been in the senate as long as just about anyone can remember. she spent decades in public service in both washington and san francisco. we sat down with senator feinstein and asked her since
8:14 am
she has been in congress for awhile, what has changed the most and how has she noticed that change affecting the nation's capitol? >> i noticed something big time. as you know i did the assault weapons legislation. was it controversial? absolutely. proposed it in 1993. it became the law in 94 and lasted to 2004. when it came to the floor and i did it as an amendment to the crime bill. as a matter of fact, joe biden who was chairman of the judiciary laughed at me and said now you are going to learn about the gunners. they aren't going to let this happen. there wasn't a -- vote. there was a motion. there wasn't a live filibuster. is that controversial bill. why? because both sides felt that this was important that we go to the senate to stand up and vote and that's what we should do. to debate something on the floor, make it as fierce and as
8:15 am
long as you need but do it and then vote. what's happened with the advent of this new president is, the republicans have stated the leader has stated our -- this is a pairs from -- pairs from. our number one priority is the defeat of this president. and they instituted a requirement of cloughture which requires 60 votes even on a motion to proceed to debate an issue on the floor. certainly on a motion to close off the debate. so they defeat whether it's an appointee, whether wts an ambassador or a judge or whether it's a judge appointment or whether it's a bill. they defeat them on a cloughture motion without having to actually vote on the item of issue. it's terrible.
8:16 am
and they have used it more than 82 times since the president has been president. >> the tone, the overall tone? >> the tone has been highly partisan. and unnecessarily so. and if you ask me, what would be one of the things i would want to accomplish, it is to alleviate this hyper partisanship. i know it can be done. >> in the senate, what would you say your accomplishment was? >> i think -- >> so far. >> i think assault weapons was one. i think breaking 20 years of nonaction with the mileage efficiency bill that i sponsored with olympia snow as co-sponsor which we work the on for -- worked on for years is now the law. it was signed by bush. it's carried out by obama. and by 2025 automobiles will have 54 miles per gallon if it continues to be enacted. as a matter of fact, romney has
8:17 am
said he wouldn't. the savings are just enormous. so it's that, it's assault weapons. it's obviously the desert bill. it's the tahoe bill. it's the wetlands in san francisco bay. i get such a kick when i fly in and what used to be dominant orange ponds at the south end of the bay, the salt ponds are now turning green with wetlands. and i think, you know, i had something to do about this. i put that deal together. >> if you had a vote to take back, which would it be? >> it would be iraq. i'll tell you why. i was on intelligence. i read the classified report twice, big report. i read the white paper twice, the unclassified report. i listened to speeches by dick
8:18 am
cheney. by george bush. i saw the secretary of state come out before the security council of the united nations and say, this vial contains biological weapons from mobile biological labs in iraq. and i believed them and i believed the intelligence. and i voted to go to war in iraq. and the intelligence was wrong. >> her opponent in this race elizabeth. we have extended two invitations to her campaign for interviews but they say it didn't work out with her schedule. wanted to point that out. >> san francisco, all lit up in orange for giants fever. >> this is how the city shows its team pride during the world series. next our conversation with mayor ed lee. another high profile sports event he wants to bring to town. ,,
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
event this year. this week san francisco is all lit up and orange for the biggest baseball event of the year. >> and so we sat down with san francisco mayor ed lee and asked him, all right, the world series brought a lot of attention and money to the city. but how vile is this overall to san francisco? >> it's extremely important -- vital is this overall to san francisco? >> it's extremely important. i think it's the unifying spirit a sports team does when they wane world -- a championship. look at the buildings. they are all orange, buildings that i never seen before turned to color. we had the building owners managers are all volunteering to change the colors. not only city hall but the opera house, symphony are all in bright orange. >> so we have that now. the next step is people are saying is how do you keep the roll going. you have the 49ers exiting the city and then trying to bring this warriors arena in.
8:22 am
>> that's right. >> what's the status on that? >> we kept the ball rolling as we speak because ben, lori and i and a bunch of others are in the process of writing our bid to the national football league for hosting nfl's super bowl l. and we have a great shot at it so that's what we will be working on and find out next may. then we will work with the warriors on a beautiful water front arena on piers 30-31. it's a huge investment for them to make. i have to admit. just to fix the piers will be 100 to $120 million. just before you put anything on top of it we have to prevent it -- making sure it's seismically safe. they are unveiling a beautiful design. i'm ecstatic about their approach to this. >> a lot of people would say that's a step too far. that's huge, massive. that's going to change the water front and clog the water front and turn it into a theme park rather than a maritime center. >> look at the design they have
8:23 am
is much less of a theme park. more of a really beautiful park for people to come in. opens up with open space at the very beginning. >> it doesn't let anything go on the water front. what makes you think these other state commissions will allow that? >> i think when they see the plans of people coming out to enjoy the water front and see it for what it is, it's no different than with a we have done with chrisy field and marina. we have opened it up and invited more people. what we created the conditions out of something that might have looked like a parking lot and wilderness. >> we have the warriors that you are taking from oakland. stealing from oakland to put on your water front to bring more money. you got the americas cup. what else do you have in the bag? >> i think we continue to be a great city for all events. we have a huge amount of conventions that are still going on. when you look at that sales force with 85,000 people oracle, 45,000 people. i think we still have our space out there. i'm working on the other
8:24 am
industries. medical industries, watch out for. that small businesses. watch out for mid-market. all the changes we are looking at. there we were on a roll. >> what about soccer? tennis well badmontten. >> soccer is there. >> ping pong. >> and i do think that he is considering putting together an olympic bid because san francisco where all the of talk of tech and everything else we have going here, tourism still is the major industry and you have to stay in the world spotlight to keep the tourists coming. >> this is true. coming up we have another look at this morning's top story including the latest on hurricane sandy. >> how many people may be in the storm's path? closed captioning brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween. [ train whistle blows ]
8:25 am
hurricane sandy is approachg seaboard of the u-s. here is a look at this morning's top story. >> hurricane sandy approaching the eastern seaboard of the u.s. now. it's expected to combine with another storm system to bring
8:26 am
sheets of rain and high wind. tens of millions of people are in sandy's path. >> with nine days to go until the presidential election, president obama and mitt romney continue to spend their time in the battle ground states. president obama is in new hampshire and mitt romney is where else? in florida yesterday. >> there is one game standing between the giants and another world series championship series. they won game three in detroit 2-0. game four is tonight at 5:00. >> and face the nation starts in just a few minutes here. >> and for us the news continues on the cw network when you hear about drones you probably think of something over a place like afghanistan. but not so long we will have the new tool police will use in the skies over the bay area and that is on channel 44 at cable 12 starting in a couple of minutes. and time for one last look at the weather forecast. >> it's rain in time for halloween? >> we will take a quick look at the forecast and looks as if rain will spread south on wednesday. and stay tuned on. that timing will be pushed off
8:27 am
a little bit and we will see. expect wet today and nice sunshine. temperatures in the mid-70s and a look ahead here comes the rain midweek and have more rain on -- >> rain here for the trick or treaters unfortunately. we will see how that pans out. a mock invasion of zombies business to strike san diego. >> that's right. it's happening on halloween. there is also a serious purpose involved. mock invasion will be part of a training exercise for marines, navy and special ops and police and firefighters. >> security firm based in san diego is hosting this event part of an effort to strengthen emergency preparedness. the problem is we were being attacked by anything they would move quicker than that. hey, 'tis the season. >> i want to thank everybody for joining us. face the nation is next on cbs 5. >> and again jump over to the cw network. channel 44 cable 12678 enjoy your lovely bay area sunday.
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